How is the success measure for B2B Canadian telemarketing campaigns?

When measuring the intrinsic value of a b2b telemarketing campaign, it is really about studying the numbers. The numbers and changes within those numbers will indicate the success level for the campaign.

Telemarketing services for CanadaHere a few numbers that matter:

  • Number of calls.
    What was the level of outreach activities? Are we consistent with our efforts over time?
  • Number of leads.
    How many leads were generated? Is the number up or down from prior months?
  • Number of quotations.
    Is our sales team engaging prospects and issuing new quotations? This number will also help gauge the quality of new sales leads.
  • Number of new sales.
    Is our sales team converting new leads into sales? Is our sales team effectively cultivating new relations?
  • Revenue trends.
    Is our revenue increasing or decreasing? What is the relation between all phases of sales conversion?

Gauging the success of a telemarketing Canada campaign can be quite simple once we know which numbers are important and then study the trends.

The Canada Telemarketing Services are vital to growing companies - just like yours!
Services will take your business to the next level!

Businesses Need to Grow

A strong Canadian marketing team determines whether your business has the needed revenue to survive or sustain company growth. All Canadian businesses need to increase their sales in order to continually grow. Success is Based On Innovation Infographic from Canada Telemarketing.


Outsourcing Provides New Growth Opportunities

Telemarketing refers to efforts designed to generate new leads for your outside sales team. Outsourcing these campaigns is a cost effective strategy for business growth. We assist our Canadian clients in building their sales pipeline by providing new appointments and allowing them to increase their revenue within their existing province.


Together we can increase your sales

Rich Enterprises, Inc. works in conjunction with your staff to complete the legwork in lead generation and prospecting. We act as your inside sales team so that your outside sales team can focus on closing and negotiating new business. TOGETHER, we can increase your revenues and the overall success of your company.

Our Role is to Open Doors for YouWorking Hand in Hand with our telemarketing clients

Our goal in telemarketing is to generate a lead or an appointment for you or your team. Our role is to bring interested prospects to you - so that you can develop a relationship and ultimately increase your sales.
Our cold calling and telemarketing services will allow you to:

  • Acquire qualified sales leads
  • Present your offerings to new prospects through new sales appointments
  • Permeate your existing geographical market or Canadian province with industry specific segmentation
  • Infiltrate a new market or province quickly and efficiently

Most importantly, our services will allow you to increase your sales and revenues for long term business growth. We have served the Canadian market for over 15 years.

Qualifying Each Appointment is Key

When we establish your program, we will develop a list of qualifying and probing questions. Qualifying questions allow us to quickly determine if an appointment or lead would be beneficial to your company or if the prospect should be dismissed. Qualifying questions result in quality appointments and leads and the most effective usage of our services.

Probing questions allow us to gather valuable information so that your sales staff can use a sales approach that focuses on the customer’s needs or situation. The sales rep. will have vital information prior to the presentation, so that they can prepare. Probing questions result in increased closing rates and increased sales.


How can you help my business?

You are more than welcome to contact Rich Enterprises, Inc. We can begin your telemarketing campaign in a matter of days and assist you in achieving your sales and revenue goals.

For more information, please view our methods page or our Getting Started Guide.

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